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Courier & Excess Baggage Delivery Services

We have a wide array of tailor-made assistance to suit your logistical needs. Lets have a look at the list of Courier Services in Hyderabad offered by Star International. We provide these Delivery Services at unmatchable value for money proposition: -
  • Domestic Courier Services
  • International Courier Services
  • International Medicine Courier Delivery
  • Food Item Delivery to Worldwide
  • Documents and Parcel Service


This is our continuous commitment to long-term sustainable development and monetary success. In essence, we aspire to out-play competition.


This is how we create value for our customers through our solutions and by anticipating their business needs. In short “We know our business” – and create value for our customers.

Our Culture

We believe that successful companies have a unique philosophy and that they work hard to protect it. At Excess Baggage Delivery, our culture is tuned to exceeding every customer’s expectations while providing a place for employees to build their careers and prosper.

Mode of Transport

You may choose to send your belongings by Air or Road. freight charges are determined by volume.

Food Items

Send the Favorite food of your Loved Ones